Blossom Harp Ensemble

Welcome to Blossom Harp Ensemble.

We are a group of harpists brought together by Lizzie Affolter from Counties Galway, Roscommon and Clare in the Republic of Ireland in 2013. We love bringing our enthusiasm for the harp to our audiences. If you get the chance please come to one of our performances. ( look at   Events   and  CONTACT)

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(pictures : Jonathan Bliss)

“Glorious is the Voice of Man, and sweet is the music of the harp.” 
― Richard Llewellyn

The harp has helped shape Ireland’s identity and there has been a very welcome resurge in interest for playing this beautiful instrument. We are proud to now contribute in part to this rich history and hope that you will join us on our journey.

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For information about harp lessons or to book our ensemble for your event please contact Elisabeth (Lizzie) Affolter at

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